———————–Napalm, cluster bombs, d.u., drones,
———————–Take your pick,
———————–Each has a way of making you sick …

———————–Far below the Nevada desert
—————————-  – in an air-conditioned zone
———————–A smart guy eating chocolate,
———————–A bar of Toblerone,
———————–Keeps his console spotless – tidy,
———————–No paper, no marks nor stains.

———————–Which is more than can be said
———————–Of another’s mortal remains.

———————–In his deep-delved consolve co-ordinates
———————————————————–  —–are drawn
———————–To pinpoint a far-off target
————————————– —  – in the early hours of dawn.

———————–For the drone drama favours
———————–And the military savours …
———————–Never mind civilian victims,
———————–‘They just got in the way.’

DJ – year unknown

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