In 2010, Afghanistan sent a team to an International Cricket Conference (ICC) tournament for the first time. Triumph over adversity.



———————–Hakim rested his crutch lightly
———————–And, gingerly, no left fingers to clench,
———————–Took his place on the Bench,
———————–To watch.

———————–Out in the dusty, flinty oval
———————–A sudden jib of joy.
———————–(He’d known it as a boy.)
———————–A pool of smiling faces,
———————–Back slaps and warm embraces.

———————–A flying catch at slip.
———————–Were Hakim’s missing fingers lying?
———————–And the leg from knee to ankle?

———————–How silently it must rankle.

———————–Who planted that I.E.D.?   Who?

——————————————————————————D.J. 2011

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