Flowers of Horror

A selection of poems by David Jardine has recently surfaced. They were originally handwritten, photocopied and distributed to friends and newly made acquaintances alike that he met on his travels through Jakarta.

If any reader has more of Dave’s poems, please email the administrator with details.



Flowers of Horror

Poems of War & Disgust




———————–Out on the South China Sea,
———————–An aircraft carrier, a pleasant swell.
———————–Pilot dons suit, gloves,
———————–Thinks of the one he loves
———————–Back home.

———————–In rural Tay Binh Province,
———————–A cluster of palms, girl at the well
———————–Draws water.
———————–A simple peasant’s daughter,
———————–At home.

———————–Flowers of horror will bloom
———————–From a 300-gallon drum
———————–Napalm amongst the palms
———————–The pilot has no qualms.

———————–Amidst the ball of flame
———————–The girl-child rends her skin,
———————–Her hair, tears at her very soul.

———————–For her, an unsought fame
———————–As she runs naked down the road
———————–Right into T.V.’s maw
———————–And flashes across our screens,
———————–A simple peasant girl,
———————–Not yet in her teens.
—————————————————-D.J. 2009


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