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Essential reading for the military

The Palace of The Dead: The Epic Struggles of Bishop Belo of East Timor by Arnold S. Kohen pub. St. Martin’s Press Carlos Filipe Ximenes may have remained totally unknown to the world but for a surprise decision by Pope … Continue reading

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Theater of Exploitation

The excellent US website run by Wayne Grytting, American Newspeak, recently had this to say: “An estimated 10 percent of an average 2-year-old’s vocabulary is made up of brand names…!” We can naturally assume that he is talking of American … Continue reading

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In early February this year [2007], the Indonesian Ambassador to London signed with the British government a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) enjoining the United Kingdom and Indonesia to jointly fight corruption. What, one wondered, were the mutual benefits in this … Continue reading

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Ooh, there’s nothing like a decent cuppa tea!

A few years back my parents passed through Indonesia for a few days on their way home to the UK from Australia. I had very kindly been offered a room for them by a friend at a house in South … Continue reading

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On playacting in soccer

While many people will welcome the statement from the highly respected Franz Beckenbauer about the need to cut out the faking and playacting element in soccer, he is wrong to give the impression that it is in any way new. … Continue reading

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(pron: lep’to spirosis) Of all the miseries that the Jakarta floods have inflicted none perhaps is more sinister than the threat of leptospirosis or, to give it its other name, Weil’s Disease. Also known as canicola fever, haemorraghic jaundice and … Continue reading

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Situation Critical

“All in all it seems to go That you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.” – Joni Mitchell Consider this: in the period 1802-19 the American naturalist Dr. Thomas Horsfield, working for part of the time under the … Continue reading

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